• Nichipet Premium
  • Nichipet Premium
  • Nichipet Premium

Nichipet Premium

Brand Nichiryo



Innovation in “Durability” and “Strength”

* Seal ring for the Premium is tested dispensing / aspirating 600,000 times.( 2μL R10; 1000μL )
* Nozzle top is highly abrasion tolerant. ( 2μL - 1000μL )
* Non corrosive ceramic is used for the plunger ( 100μL - 10mL )

Innovation in “Stability” and “Precision”

* Hyper Blower System, longer second-push stroke, improves dispensing efficiency. ( 2μL,10μL,20μL )
* Easy-Calibration function provides simple lab calibration.
* Hand temperature doesn’t permeate through the body of the pipette which works to avoid affecting volume measurement. ( Patented )

Innovation in “Comfort” and Fatigue-free”

* New round shape of the Premium mitigates fatigue and stress from heavy workload.
* Enlarged push button makes it easy to depress.
* White body color mitigates reflection of room light.

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